The family of Matt Lauer’s long-suffering wife Annette Roque is worried about the health of the Dutch-born former model because of ongoing “troubles in the marriage,” according to her retired stepfather.

Dr. Dick Struijk, who is married to Annette’s mother, Johanna in Rotterdam, Holland, told The National ENQUIRER that their worst fears were realized in 2007 – following the birth of Annette’s third child.

He told The ENQUIRER then that Annette was “suffering from anorexia” after she rapidly lost weight, adding she was on medication for post-partum 
depression. Three years later in 2010, mom Johanna told The ENQUIRER that the marriage had exploded again as they received frantic phone calls from Annette.

She said that Annette had even taken off her wedding ring but was staying with Matt, elaborating that the couple were “putting on a united front for their children and his career.”

But now, Nils Fonteijn, a family friend of Matt’s in-laws, tells The ENQUIRER the couple remains “deeply upset at the continuing strife in Annette’s marriage – and her mother is frantic with worry.”

Nils, a pal of Annette’s stepdad for over 30 years, revealed they “suspect he (Matt) could be fooling around again,” adding, “Dr. Struijk, who doesn’t often use vulgarities, told me: ‘(Matt’s) brain is in his d––k.’