All of hunky Hollywood is there for “Gorgeous” George’s ‘manliest man’ parties except Brad Pitt. WHY?

George Clooney has formed a posse of Hollywood hunks that he regularly hosts at male-only dinner parties.

“It’s fast becoming the most sought after invite in Hollywood to go to George’s ‘rat pack’ soirées,” an insider said.

“Everyone from Ben Affleck to Tom Hanks has received a prestigious invite.

“They are catered to by a private chef, drink the finest wines, smoke cigars and talk and play cards until the early hours.”

Among the regular guests are Matt Damon, Simon Cowell, Channing Tatum and Ralph Fiennes – but not BFF Brad Pitt.

“To be fair to George, he has invited him, but Brad’s yet to take him up on the offer,” added the source.