Some couples battle over who gets the kids. Others over who gets the house.

Danny Bonaduce and his ex-wife Gretchen have  come to an agreement over who would get the couple’s reality TV show ideas.

A 61-page court file reveals that former Partridge Family drummer Danny and his ex-wife Gretchen had a slew of reality shows in the works when their 17-year marriage collapsed.

Of course, the couple starred in Breaking Bonaduce, the reality show that chronicled Danny’s over-the-top emotions and substance abuse.

According to the settlement papers, filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Nov. 4, the couple had the following shows in development:

* The Royalty Show, which would feature Gretchen dating "men or women of royalty!" Now that’s must-see TV!

* The Next Mrs. Bonaduce, in which women would vie for the hand of Danny.

* Petitioner’s Band, which is centered around Gretchen and "her band and music career." We’re thinking American Idol is not worried.

* Petitioner’s Clothing Line, a show that would feature Gretchen and her clothing line, Bonaduce Clothing, Ltd.

Gretchen, 43, and Danny, 49, agreed to joint custody of their two kids, Countess Isabella Michaela Bonaduce, 13, and Count Dante Jean-Michael Valentino Bonaduce, 7, and Danny will pay $6,000 each month for child support and $10,000 a month for alimony, until Gretchen remarries or Dec. 31, 2017.