Casey Kasem may NEVER rest in peace.

In late December, the beloved radio legend was finally buried six months after his tragic June 15 death at age 82.

As a bitter family feud raged, Casey’s wife Jean – who retained legal rights over his remains – had the burial performed at the Vestre Gravlund cemetery in far-off Oslo, Norway, where his corpse laid decomposing for months at a funeral home.

Casey’s distraught daughter Kerri – who charged Jean with “elder abuse” over the death of her father – told The National ENQUIRER: “It’s disgusting! It’s so awful!

“We’re planning on going there …and he will come back over here. We will bring his body over here when the criminal charges are filed. And they will be filed. This case is not closed – not by a long shot.”

While the police are reportedly still investigating and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has not filed any charges against Jean, Kerri still has no legal right to exhume her dad’s body.

“It’s so sad – my father is sitting in an unmarked grave in Norway, thousands of miles from where he wanted to be buried [in California],” she told The ENQUIRER.

“And I have no idea who was with his body when he was buried. We weren’t even told [until after the fact].”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Kasem’s children battled his wife for months over her treatment of their father before his death. They’ve been fighting to secure his remains ever since.