BRIGITTE NIELSEN’S secret shame made public in an orgy of self destruction. 

 HELL-BENT on self-destruction, an almost unrecognizable Brigitte Nielsen was caught on camera chugging from a vodka bottle then throwing up what appears to be blood in a public park.

The horrifying photos have triggered fears that the emaciated actress, who looks far older than her 49 years, doesn’t have long to live.

The 6-foot-1 star of “Red Sonja” and “Rocky IV” appears to have hit rock bottom, her once beautiful face ravaged by drinking, smoking and hard living.

Looking like a homeless wino, Sylvester Stallone’s ex-wife showed up at the Studio City, Calif., park on Aug. 4 and began swigging straight out of a Popov vodka bottle that she’d pulled from her backpack. She also downed the contents of smaller liquor bottles while lying on the grass.

Brigitte later moved to a bench where she continued to drink, spitting out some of the liquid and then apparently throwing up blood – a condition doctors say can indicate cirrhosis of the liver or ruptured veins in the esophagus, which can be deadly.

Five times married, Brigitte – a 2008 graduate of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” – punctuated her drinking by dragging on a cigarette.

After finally draining her booze bottles dry, troubled Brigitte staggered through some bushes and out of the park. Before moving on, she polished off a bottle of Listerine, apparently to freshen up her breath.