Infowars Bankrupt After Shooting Itself in The Foot!

Newtown Shooting-Infowars, Phoenix, United States - 06 Nov 2020
Matt York/AP/Shutterstock

Loudmouth Alex Jones’ cash-strapped conspiracy mill InfoWars was forced to file for bankruptcy over the radio rabble-rouser’s denial of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting! 

According to court documents, the 48-year-old firebrand’s business was in danger of going down in flames after losing two defamation lawsuits connected to his coverage of the Newtown, Conn., massacre, which are expected to result in millions of dollars in damages!

The slay spree left 26 dead, including 20 children. But the Alex Jones Show host declared the horrific incident a “giant hoax” perpetrated by “crisis actors” hired by gun control interests, prompting an avalanche of lawsuits from victims’ families!

Anticipated payouts would be enough to break InfoWars financially, according to the company’s bankruptcy filing in Texas. Legal papers stated any effort to collect on the first case’s judgment would likely result in “leaving nothing left.”

Sources say the voluntary bankruptcy action will allow InfoWars, and two other companies owned by Jones, to remain operational as they prepare reorganization plans.

Meanwhile, the bombastic boss — who’s since walked back his Sandy Hook hoax claims — is begging listeners to donate to InfoWars or buy items backed by his show!

“I need your help to stay on air,” Jones whined.