H umiliated country queen Miranda Lambert gave hubby Blake Shelton the cold shoulder at the CMAs after he publicly revealed his past cheating, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The “Voice” hunk, 38, gave a recent no-holds-barred “60 Minutes” interview, admitting that even though he was married to someone else, he fell in love with Miranda the first time he saw her.

“Miranda is fuming and embarrassed over Blake’s airing of their dirty laundry, and she blasted him for confessing he cheated on his then-wife with her,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Blake finally confirmed what everyone has always suspected!”

The petite firebrand, 31, stunned viewers days later during the Country Music Awards show on Nov. 5th when she failed to thank Blake during her acceptance speech for two awards – even though he thanked her during his speech.

While walking the red carpet before the show, Miranda gave Blake the “ice queen” treatment as well, a body language expert revealed.

“While both sport million-dollar smiles, their body language is a far more accurate barometer of their inner feelings,” Wendy Patrick, co-author of “Reading People,” told The ENQUIRER.

“While it is subtle, it is noticeable in the photos that they are not leaning in toward each other, as they usually do. This is a common indicator of couples facing relationship challenges.”

Fueling Miranda’s deep freeze was when “60 Minutes” interviewer Norah O’Donnell showed Blake video footage from a 2005 Country Music Television special. In the clip a mulleted Blake sings a duet with a saucy young Miranda, then 21. Blake is seen grinning lustily at Miranda, his eyes gleaming. When their duet of “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” concludes, he hugs Miranda way too close.

Asked if he had fallen in love with Miranda at that very moment, an embarrassed Blake confessed, “I guess so – it’s hard to argue with what I’m looking at.”

Yet Blake had just married first wife, Kaynette Williams, only 18 months prior!

“I mean, that’s pretty pathetic right there,” the crooner admitted … And Miranda seems to agree!