Marvel’s reboot of The Hulk franchise stomped  the box office with a somewhat incredible $54.5 million opening weekend.

The Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton as Doc Bruce Banner was more action oriented than its "Indelible Bulk" predecessor which loomed large in its opener but sank faster than a beached whale after bad word of mouth past its $62.1 million opener.

The re-do is more in the vein of the 70s TV series which featured Bruce Bixby as the fugitive scientist and a hulking Lou Ferrigno as live action funny book heroes.

M. Night Shyamalan
‘s The Happening
opened in the three spot, failing to unseat the animated kung foolery of Jack Black‘s Kung Fu Panda which wing chunged its way to $34.3 mil.

Despite its title M. Nights non-groovy, non-hippie-ish mystery thriller with Marky Mark and Zooey Deschanel made a sturdy $30.5 mil.

Zohan and Indy filled out the four and five spots, respectively with Sex slipping out of the top 5 — not that what these pics gross is indicative whatsoever of  quality.                

Batman: The Dark Knight  with Heath Ledger’s maniacal swan song as The Joker will beat ’em all.