Family Drama

‘Hugh Jackman, Let Me See My Grandson!’

His adopted son’s biological grandpa is pleading with the actor.

Hugh Jackman Adopted Son — The Biological Grandpa Wants To See Him
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The desperately ill grandfather of Hugh Jackman’s adopted son is begging the Academy Award–nominated actor to let him meet teen Oscar for the first time before he dies!

In an exclusive interview, Thomas Lanham — whose daughter, Amber Lynn, committed suicide after giving up her son to Hugh and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness — admits he struggles to accept the adoption because of the heartache it has caused him.

Speaking to The National ENQUIRER from his home in Vinton, Iowa, Thomas, 78, said he knows Oscar has a better life because the star couple has taken him in, but he would still like to be a part of his world.

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“I didn’t get to see Oscar as a baby. I would still love to see him before it’s too late for me,” said Thomas. “I would like Hugh to finally get in contact; it could benefit everyone.”

Thomas, who has a serious knee injury, said: “I’m an old man, I’m 78. I’m worn out and exhausted.”

Explaining how the adoption took place before he had the chance to meet his grandson following his 2000 birth, Thomas added: “Amber went out to California when she was pregnant to give birth.

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“She kept the identity of Oscar’s father from me; I didn’t even know his name,” he explained.

Amber took her own life in 2005 following a battle with drugs and depression. She was just 28, and her death still haunts Thomas.

“Suicide is something you can’t grasp,” said Thomas, fighting off tears. “I’ve never understood it myself and it bothers me every day how Amber did that.”

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Apart from receiving a funeral wreath from Hugh and Deborra-Lee, he has not heard from the two since.

A year before her death, Amber griped that the Hollywood couple was failing to keep their promise of keeping her involved in Oscar’s life.

In 2004, Amber claimed she hadn’t received a photo from the couple for three years and had no way of getting in touch with them.

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“The only time I see pictures of my son is when he’s photographed with Hugh in magazines,” she said at the time.