'Fore' Weddings...?

Hugh Grant’s Wedding Jitters Made For A Smashing Day

Golf-loving leading man takes a mulligan!

hugh grant anna ebberstein married golf

Hugh Grant recently dropped the perennial bachelor act to take a whack at blessed matrimony, becoming a first-time hubby at 57 to patient 39-year-old Swedish baby mama/producer Anna Eberstein!

But before exchanging vows in a low-key civil ceremony, the nervous groom — who once proclaimed he’d never marry — tried calming prenuptial jitters by whacking balls at a golf course outside of London.

The leading man, who enjoys a rep as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished golfers, sliced yet another stinker, this time shattering a nearby home’s front window!


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“Hugh swung over to fess up and pay for the bad break,” giggled a catty caddie.

But when the miffed matron of the mansion eyeballed the Brit heart-breaker at the front door, “The lady beamed like she’d hit a hole in one — on her own wedding day!”

Hey Hugh, at Jewish weddings it’s a good marriage omen to shatter glass, so … MAZEL TOV!