Joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of Miami” nearly destroyed newcomer JOANNA KRUPA’s engagement to her multimillionaire boyfriend!

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant and her fiance, Miami Beach club owner Romain Zago, felt blindsided by the out-of-control drama that was unleashed on them when they signed on to the second season of the hit Bravo series, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

“Romain was expecting the show to be scripted and thought they’d have much more control over some of the topics that were caught on tape,” a source close to the couple revealed.

“He was shocked to discover what he’d really signed up for was backstabbing, infighting and malicious gossip among the other cast members.”

But the real breaking point for Romain was when some of the other “House­wives” began to pressure him about why he’d let his engage­ment to Joanna drag on for nearly five years.

“The fact that he wouldn’t commit to a wedding date had been a bone of contention for the couple for a very long time,” confided the source. “So when the cast held his feet to the fire, it led to a huge blowup between Joanna and him.

“He was so angry that he QUIT the show. And Joanna was so upset she took off her engagement ring, packed her bags and moved out of their Miami Beach condo.”

The 33-year-old su­permodel from Warsaw, Poland, called off their engagement and the two were estranged for nearly a month. Romain, 39, has since promised they’ll set a date for next year.

“Having Joanna walk out was a big dose of reality,” the source added. “Romain is madly in love with her and doesn’t want to lose her.”