ONLY weeks after split­ting from Ryan Seacrest, gorgeous Julianne Hough has targeted her next romantic conquest – “Rock of Ages” co-star Tom Cruise.

Even though the actor is more than twice her age, sources say the blonde stunner has hatched a secret plan to get him to the altar.

“Julianne has been combing through scripts for movie projects that would reunite her with Tom because there was major chemistry between the two on ‘Rock of Ages,’” revealed an insider.

When filming the rock musical, Julianne, 24, was still hot and heavy with “American Idol” host Seacrest. Cruise was still married to Katie Holmes, although she filed for divorce just 14 days after the movie’s release on June 15, 2012.

IN THE FILM, JULIANNE plays the naive singer-wannabe Sherrie who has a fan obsession with Cruise’s character, the ag­ing but sexually charged rock star Stacee Jaxx.

Sources say Julianne has always carried a torch for Tom, but starring with him in a musical had her swooning.

“Musical theater is her passion, and she finds it incredibly sexy that Cruise can sing and dance with ease,” said the source.

“After separating from Ryan, she started planning a way of getting back with Tom for another musical.”

Multitalented Julianne, who captured two “Dancing With the Stars” titles, asked a writer friend to develop a project specifically for her and Tom and also pored over script offers that could hook her up with Cruise, revealed the source.

“She already has a couple of things that look promising,” said the source.

Even while she fell for and moved in with Seacrest, Julianne frequently told friends that she thought Cruise was one hot num­ber, once calling him “the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, besides my boyfriend.” The knockout even confided to an interviewer that she was thrilled to give Cruise a lap dance for a “Rock of Ages” scene that was deemed “too hot and steamy and sexy” to make the film’s final cut.

“Let’s just say I’ll always have that in my back pocket, that I gave Tom Cruise a lap dance,” a beaming Julianne said on “Live Kelly & Michael.”

The actress also believes that Tom has feelings for her and re­vealed to an interviewer that he rushed to her aid when she suffered an injury while filming “Rock of Ages.”

“I tweaked my neck and was in so much pain, and everyone was pressur­ing me to keep shooting, but Tom said, ‘No…you need to take care of your­self!’ And I thought, Tom Cruise cares about me! Now I can cry.”

And now Julianne, a highly skilled ballroom dancer, is free to step out with Tom after finally get­ting fed up that Seacrest didn’t propose to her and ending her two-year relationship with him. As The ENQUIRER re­ported, Julianne tried to get Seacrest jealous and push him into popping the ques­tion by letting him find out about her sex antics with Cruise during the “Rock of Ages” filming.

TOM, WHOSE DIVORCE FROM Katie Holmes was finalized just weeks after she filed for it last summer, might just find a per­fect match in Julianne. Religious differences encountered by top gun Scientologist Cruise in his relationship with Holmes and ex-wife Nicole Kidman would not be a problem for the “Safe Haven” actress.

Julianne, who was raised a Mormon in Salt Lake City, is will­ing to explore other religions and admires Cruise’s devotion to Scientology, said the source.

“She believes that she and Tom are destined to be the ultimate Hollywood power couple. Don’t be surprised if they are spotted out together in the very near future.”