Embattled CHARLIE SHEEN FIRST bombshell exclusive interview! SEE BLOOD and URINE drug testing conducted LIVE!

Sheen takes aim at his father Martin‘s recent critique comparing addiction to cancer, vows there will be another season of Two and a Half Men and states unequivocally that he is not a drug addict as he undergoes drug testing LIVE in a candid and powerful world exclusive video interview with

What’s more, the Hot Shots star ratchets up his attack on show producer Chuck Lorre and CBS, calling him a tyrant and bully while claiming the network has not protected him despite the fact it has earned a multi-billion dollar fortune from his talents.

The star invited Team Radar into his Los Angeles mansion on Saturday for his first interview post shuttering of money-making series Two and a Half Men.

Directly addressing the issue that has all of Hollywood talking, Sheen promptly takes a blood test, firmly convinced he’s not an addict. "No. No, I don’t, because that’s a word and a thing that they tried to stick on me for 22 years. 5 per cent success. 100 per cent success.

"Do the math. Look at the scoreboard. The numbers don’t lie," he says, slamming Alcoholics Anonymous again.

Probed further, Sheen responds: "I don’t know, I don’t care, I just know it’s not a part of my brain today."

About being clean, the actor says: "It’s just a choice I’m making today.

"Just a choice."

Just one day at time, Chas . . . 

SEE THE VIDEO HERE (with blood and urine samples)