NOT “Rumors” – Fleetwood Mac’s STEVIE NICKS confirms cocaine-aspirin combo left her with a hole in the head – literally.

While Stevie’s new LP 24 Karat Gold is a comp of old demos written during the 1980s one is a self-portrait visa-a-vis an avatar for her cocaine fueled heyday.

Stevie told Out mag that  Mabel Normand” was inspired by her battle with drugs, penning the eponymous ditty in  985 after watching a documentary about the 1920s silent screen movie vamp.

Like Nicks, she was addicted to cocaine.

“In 1985, I was dancing at the edge of danger myself, just like she was. I was just doing so much coke. And it already backfired on me completely,” Nicks told the mag.

“I saw this documentary, and I felt this union with her: Oh my God, the same thing that happened to this woman in the ’20s is happening to me in the ’80s – how can this be? Then she died, and THAT really scared me.”

Nicks not only snorted cocaine she also dissolved aspirin in water to combat oppressive migraine headaches.

When a plastic surgeon found a hole in her nasal cartilage big enough to cause a brain hemorrhage, they thought it might be the result of excessive sorting of The Big C.

“The aspirin ate your nose, not the coke,” the doc told her.

After a trip to the Betty Ford clinic and continued troubles, the famed singer finally had an epiphany after looking at Polaroid picture of herself and thought, “’You are going to OD on something really stupid like NyQuil or Benadryl, over-the-counter stuff, on top of the Klonopin.’ I thought, ’I’m definitely not going to go out that way.

“If I go out, I’m going out in a blaze of glory. I’m not going out OD’ing on aspirin.’ So I said to myself, ‘This is it, and it is OVER.”

Reportedly, she’s been clean ever since.