Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Bid Rocked by Bombshell Claims Over the Death of Her Lover

Hillary Clinton

She’s launched her campaign to be president – but now HILLARY CLINTON faces an allegation that she covered up a murder at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

That’s part of a blockbuster National ENQUIRER investigation exposing a shocking report that the Oval Office hopeful conspired to hide the truth about her illicit love affair with Vince Foster, a former Deputy White House Counsel under her husband, Bill.

In a case that remains a lingering mystery, the Arkansas lawyer was found shot to death in 1993 just months after Hillary pressured him into following her and the new president to Washington, D.C., to take up a high-powered position – a stress-packed job that reportedly drove him into a deep depression.

His death from a gunshot wound to the mouth – with his father’s .38-caliber pistol at his side – was a clear case of suicide, according to law enforcement. Or was it?

In an exclusive interview, investigator Robert Morrow claimed that he has unearthed bombshell new evidence to suggest Foster was shot to death in his White House office – not in peaceful Fort Marcy Park in McLean, Va., where his body was found slumped next to a Civil War cannon on the night of July 20.

“Hillary pushed him over the edge,” Morrow told The ENQUIRER.

“The dirty secret that’s haunting Hillary to this day is that it was her instruction to move Foster’s body so that it was no longer under the jurisdiction of the Washington, D.C., police. By having the body dumped in the park, the investigation fell under a different jurisdiction – that of the U.S. Park Police.”

According to Morrow and Larry Nichols, a onetime close aide to the Clinton family, Hillary personally orchestrated the plot to smuggle Foster’s 6-foot-4, 200-pound corpse into a waiting government car.

“Vince’s body was wrapped in a long shag multi-colored carpet,” divulged Nichols.

In a five-page 1994 letter sent to independent counsel Kenneth Starr by then Indiana Congressman Dan Burton, it was revealed an FBI lab report concluded “carpet fibers of various colors were found on Mr. Foster’s jacket, tie, shirt, shorts, pants, socks and shoes. No effort was made to match these fibers,” the politician noted.

The FBI lab report also found that “blonde to light brown hairs of Caucasian origin” that did not belong to Foster were found on his T-shirt, pants, belt, socks and shoes – “and that no efforts were made to match these hairs to anyone known to be associated with Mr. Foster.”

What’s more, the congressman asked for a reopening of the investigation because the FBI never found the fatal bullet or skull fragments – and none of Foster’s teeth were “broken, as is customary in a self-inflicted gunshot wound through the mouth.”

In the months following Foster’s death, rumors swirled that a hit man had murdered him because “he knew too much” about the Whitewater real estate investment scandal, other Clinton misdeeds and Bill’s notorious bimbo eruptions.

Questions were also raised about sensitive files White House staff – including Hillary’s Chief of Staff – removed from Foster’s office in the hours after his death.

Foster – who attended kindergarten with Bill Clinton in Hope, Ark. – was a partner in Little Rock’s prestigious Rose Law Firm, where he was joined by Hillary after her marriage to Bill.

But talking to a colleague about his dealings with Hillary, he bemoaned: “It’s not the same.”

Hillary, 67, would bark “Fix it, Vince!” or “Handle it, Vince!” he confided to another pal before his death – and would leave him to pick up the shattered pieces.

In one specific incident in the weeks prior to Foster’s violent death, the First Lady reportedly ridiculed him in front of his peers.

“Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,” author Ronald Kessler wrote in his book, “The First Family Detail,” providing troubling insight into Hillary’s relationship with her lover that was said to have begun when the Clintons took the White House.

“As they worked together, she began confiding in him about Bill’s infidelity,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Bill was cheating on Hillary constantly and Hillary knew it. “Vince was very sympathetic to Hillary. They developed a deep friendship. They also worked late together many nights – and Vince fell in love with Hillary.”

But she could be cold and callous, sources detailed. “She told him he didn’t get the picture, and he would always be a little hick-town lawyer. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” added the source.

Now just weeks after announcing her 2016 candidacy, the former Secretary of State faces the same questions that dogged her decades earlier.

“There are bombshells waiting to explode,” a White House insider declared. “The Republicans are just sitting back chortling – and waiting!”

Others believe the Vince Foster scandal exposes Hillary’s true political nature.

According to Marinka Peschmann, author of 2012’s “Following Orders: The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer,” Hillary should not be in the White House: “She should be in jail!”

Concluded Larry Nichols: “Hillary’s White House murder 'cover-up' will destroy her bid to be president in 2016!”