$15 Million Man!

Hillary Clinton Milks Cash Cow Clooney

Earned 'obscene amount,' brags the star!

hillary clinton scandal fundraising george clooney
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Hillary Clinton used screen hunk George Clooney to scoop up a cool $15 million for her presidential campaign at two fund-raisers.

The 55-year-old actor often travels the globe, talking world leaders into taking in homeless war refugees.

But instead of raising money for that cause, this time he used his celebrity to snare a fortune for Hillary by hosting fund-raisers with his wife, Amal, in San Francisco on April 15 and in their Tinseltown mansion on April 16.

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Outrageously, Hillary and George charged $353,400 for a seat at their table for the fund-raiser.

George later admitted it was “an obscene amount of money.”

Critics were furious, branding the star a hypocrite and lashing Democratic candidate Hillary for “pretending to be a champion of the little people.”