Hillary Betrayed – As Bill’s Caught With Two Hookers!

Bill Clinton

In a new jolt to her expected 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has once again been humiliated by her horn- dog husband Bill who’s been photographed grinning ear to ear with two call girls.

Sources told The ENQUIRER the 66-year-old former first lady exploded in anger when she saw a snapshot of Bill, 67, flirting with a willowy blonde and a sexy brunette, hookers for hire from the infamous Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada.

One of the gals even said she’d play Monica Lewinsky for the ex-prez.

“Hillary is furious,” a friend of the former Secretary of State told The ENQUIRER. “When she found out what he had done, she hit the roof and yelled at him until she was hoarse, saying he was wrecking her plans to run for the White House.  

"‘What were you thinking? How could you do this to me!’ ” She screamed. “Bill was practically on his knees apologizing and begging for forgiveness, claiming he didn’t know they were prostitutes – and swearing nothing had happened.”

The former Commander-In-Chief willingly posed with the hookers, Ava Adora, 23, and Barbie Girl, 22, at a Feb. 27 fundraising event – the Unite4Humanity benefit – in Los Angeles. Clinton is seen grinning like a Cheshire cat and beaming like a 1,000-watt bulb while posing with the girls.

On a Bunny Ranch website touting their talents, Ava describes herself as a “passionate lover,” while Barbie boasts that she specializes in “de-virginizing parties.”

Ava, in an ENQUIRER interview, told us that she’d happily offer her services personally to big Bill.

“After we had our pictures taken with President Clinton, I said to him, Mr. President, we love you! He said I love posing with pretty girls,” Ava told The ENQUIRER.

“I can see why women of all ages are drawn to him. George Clooney and Sean Penn were there at the benefit that night, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about President Clinton.”

“If President Clinton ever wants to stop by the Bunny Ranch, I’ll finish what Monica Lewinsky started. But he doesn’t need to worry about me saving any of his DNA on a dress, because I’ll be naked the entire time.”

“Monica just turned 40 years old and I’m the hot 23-year-old brunette.”

“The smile on President Clinton’s face in our pictures is worth a thousand words. I hope we made his night because he surely made ours.”

Brothel owner Dennis Hof – whose legal happy hooker haven was made famous by the HBO series “Cathouse” – told The ENQUIRER that he and the girls were invited guests at the event, but that Clinton wasn’t aware of their profession when he agreed to pose.

“Bill can’t resist beautiful women,” Hof explained. “He was flirting with them. “The two are big fans of Bill and both Ava and Barbie kept saying, ‘Please take me, Daddy.’

Bill was loving the attention. Barbie handed her cellphone to one of President Clinton’s security, who took the photo.”

The scandal couldn’t have broken at a worse time – just as Hillary’s advisers are trying to fashion a positive, presidential image for her. “Hillary’s campaign consultants are enraged, saying Bill’s an embarrassment,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“They’ve told her this is exactly the type of behavior from Bill that is playing into the hands of the Republicans, who are trying to make his old messes fair game in her new campaign.”

As The ENQUIRER recently revealed, Hillary is already under attack – and her enemies plan to dredge up her skirt-chasing hubby’s sordid behavior to sully the Clinton name.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a possible 2016 contender himself, publicly cited Bill’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky as ammo that can be used to help derail Hillary’s campaign.

And Paul’s remarks prompted GOP chairman Reince Priebus to tweet: “Remember all the Clinton scandals… That’s not what America needs again.”

Hillary, who also served in the U.S. Senate, realizes just how fierce the attacks can get – and how Bill’s sleazy photo with the hookers can be political dynamite.

Disclosed her friend: “Hillary yelled at Bill that the photo and his actions play right into the public’s perception that he’s nothing but an aging skirt-chaser. She told him that his never-ending flirting and womanizing make her look weak to voters – as if she’s turning a blind eye to his behavior, even condoning it.”

To make matters worse, the Internet erupted with scathing comments and ridicule after the photo surfaced.

“The horndog rides again,” trumpeted one poster. “Blame his zipper. Fastest in the west,” said another. “Just imagine when Hillary gets the White House – deja vu all over again,” commented a third.

Bunny Ranch honcho Hof also gave a tempting invite for the former president, one he better not take. “Bill Clinton is invited to come by the Bunny Ranch anytime he wants,” he told The ENQUIRER.

“It’ll be on the house!”