THE new hit NBC show “REVOLUTION” – about a post-apocalyptic world with no power – really could happen, say experts!

The edgy series follows a for­mer military man and his niece – “Twilight” dad Billy Burke and actress Tracy Spiridakos – as they try to unravel the mystery of why the world’s power grid went dark 15 years earlier.

In the eerie world of “Revolution,” modern tech­nology does not exist. Life has regressed to the Dark Ages with families band­ing together in small farming communities and reading by candlelight at night.

That spine-chilling scenario could happen, says an expert, if electromagnetic pulses – known as EMPs – destroy the mega-transformers that power the earth’s electric grid.

“This is not science fiction – it’s science fact!” Iraq war hero David Bellavia, an expert on EMPs, told The ENQUIRER. “If a man-made EMP, such as a nuclear blast, or a natural-occurring solar flare blew out the power structure, it could cause trillions of dollars of damage and blow us back to the Stone Age.

“Studies show that within two years of such a catastrophe, we’d have complete shutdown of our infrastructure and 97 percent of our popula­tion could be gone.”

Happily, such an epic disaster can be averted, he added.

“Industry and government must coop­erate to address the current shortcomings of the electric grid,” noted Bellavia, who runs the website empactamerica. org. “We need to create a fail-safe system so an EMP-caused blackout will not cripple the en­tire grid. We want to make sure ‘Revolution’ remains a TV show – and doesn’t become reality.”