Heidi Klum And Mel B. Ready To ‘Scratch Each Other’s Eyes Out!’

Heidi klum mel b splash getty

The claws are out at “America’s Got Talent” as diva judges Heidi Klum and Mel B. duke it out over screen time!

According to a source, fellow judge Howard Stern has even had to separate the hot-tempered twosome!

“Both want to be queen of the show,” said the source. “It’s getting nasty!”

When Heidi, 42, and Mel, 40, joined “AGT” in 2013, the former Spice Girl was prepared to play second fiddle to her leggy German rival, who also hosts Lifetime’s “Project Runway.”

“But Mel felt Heidi was boring and humorless, and realized it was a chance to seize the limelight,” said the source.

Tensions escalated recently when Heidi’s beau, Vito Schnabel, 28, visited and Mel flirted with him behind Heidi’s back!

“Mel’s married and has no interest in Vito, but she did it for a laugh,” said the source. “He apparently enjoyed her advances, and Mel gleefully told Heidi she must be crazy to date a guy who can’t be trusted.

“Mel thought she’d driven a wedge between them, but Heidi just exploded at her. It looked like they might scratch each other’s eyes out!”

That’s when Howard stepped in to play peacemaker, according to the source, who added: “He told both of them to calm down, and if they showed that same fire on TV, ratings would go through the roof!”