Super-busy HILLARY CLINTON has packed on 40 extra pounds – and she blew up at former tubby hubby when BILL suggested that she check into a fat farm!

In the past four months, the secretary of state has ballooned to a hefty 171 pounds while criss-crossing the globe on diplomatic missions and dealing with the WikiLeaks scandal, sources say.

The 63-year-old politician has been binge eating instead of exercising, and ex-president Bill made the mistake of telling his 5-foot-7 wife that she was looking chunky, insiders say.

"With her nonstop workload, Hillary has ditched her regular gym schedule. She’s been eating rich, fatty foods while dining with heads of state around the globe – and it’s no wonder she’s gained 40 pounds in the last four months. Now she’s hit an all-time personal high of 171 pounds," a Clinton friend told The ENQUIRER.

"Poor Hillary feels terrible about the way she looks, but she is so busy she isn’t making time for her own needs."

Making things even worse is her husband of 35 years – who’s battled his own weight woes until becoming thinner recently. Bill pointed out that she needed to do something, sources say
"When Hillary asked him how she looked, he told her, ‘You’re huge! You need to go to a fat farm!’

"Then he made things worse by saying treadmills and stair climbers were fun," a pal told The ENQUIRER.

"Hillary exploded!"

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