SUCH a deal! HEATHER LOCKLEAR not only gets to date a famous plastic surgeon, she can also get her nips and tucks done at no charge, says an insider.

The 51-year-old beauty is hot and heavy with Dr. Marc Mani, 44, who appeared on TLC’s “Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills” – and a friend says they’re the perfect couple.

“Marc respects an cares for Heather, and she really likes him,” said a close source.

“He’ll recommend only the procedures he believes are best for her, and he wouldn’t dream of charging her a dime. Who wouldn’t want a deal like that?”

The pair met not long ago when the “Dynasty” beauty went to his office for a consultation.

“Not long afterward, Marc called her for a date,” said the source. “They’ve been out a number of times since, and now they’re crazy about one another.”

Heather has hooked a real winner, say pals.

“Forbes” magazine listed Dr. Mani as one of the top 10 plastic surgeons in the country.

“He’s a scrupulous surgeon and a very grounded guy,” said the close source.

 “Heather can totally rely upon him.”

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