Devastated by tragedy yet again JOAN KENNEDY crumples in boozy death-wish, The ENQUIRER has learned.  
The untimely death of her eldest child, Kara Kennedy has crushed  Joan, the first wife of the late sena­tor Ted Kennedy.
Now, Joan who has long struggled with alcohol addiction, has fallen off the wagon since Kara’s sudden death, sources tell The ENQUIRER.
As The ENQUIRER first reported Kara died from a heart attack at 51 after swimming  at a Washington DC fitness club Sept. 16.
 Now, Joan is said to be so distraught she’s been hitting the bottle hard.
Over the years, Joan, 75, has been arrested multiple times for drunk driving and ordered to attend rehab.
In 1969, 14 years before her divorce from Ted, Joan was pregnant.  She lost the baby within weeks of Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick accident which caused the drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne.
In 2005, Joan was hospitalized with a concussion and a broken shoulder after being she was found passed out on a Boston sidewalk near her home.
“Joan was very close to Kara and relied on her more than anyone else,” said a close friend.
“It would be very surprising if she is able to survive this terrible blow.”
Kara struggled throughout childhood with Joan’s addictions and Ted’s womanizing, constantly leaving home, using drugs and drinking, continued the friend.
In 2002, she was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.
But Teddy managed to find doctors who were willing to remove a portion of her right lung. The cancer went into remission after she also got chemo and radia­tion.
Still, Kara found it difficult to give up her old ways. “She just couldn’t stop smoking or drink­ing,” noted the friend. “Joan blames herself for Kara’s troubles and has now gone into a tailspin.
“It probably would have been kinder if Joan had died first.”