JOHNNY DEPP is caught between wild-child beauty AMBER HEARD and his ex-fiancée WINONA RYDER!

In TinselTown’s latest love tri­angle, Amber has demanded Depp take their romance public, while Winona is secretly plotting to win him back, sources say.

“Amber has hit Johnny with an ultimatum: ‘Go public with our romance – or it’s over!’ ” a close friend told The ENQUIRER.

“She even went back to her les­bian lover for a while, and now Johnny is frantically talking to his team about the best way for them to ‘come out’ as a couple.

“Meantime, Winona is doing everything she can to orchestrate a hook-up with Johnny!”

Depp, 49, fell for leggy blonde Amber, 27, while they were film­ing “The Rum Diary,” in 2009. She dumped her then-girlfriend, Hawaiian-born artist Tasya Van Ree, for the “Pirates of the Carib­bean” star.

The two grew closer after Depp ended his 14-year relationship with French singer/actress Van­essa Paradis in June 2012. But he’s stubbornly kept their affair under wraps.

“Amber has been at Johnny to go public since the beginning of the year,” said the source.

“When he balked, she walked out on him and went back to Tasya, and Johnny totally freaked out! Am­ber’s become the major organizer ofhis crazy world and he couldn’t cope without her. He bombarded Amber with calls and gifts, and even wrote her a song, begging her to come back. But she stood her ground until he relented to go public.”

Now Depp is considering appear­ing with Amber at the Kentucky Derby, or the premiere of his film, “The Lone Ranger,” in July, sources say. They were eyeballed holding hands at the Roling Stones surprise concect last night.

Meanwhile, it’s been 20 years since Depp and Winona, 41, ended their rocky relationship, but she still holds a torch for him, sources say.

The two met at the 1989 premiere of “Great Balls of Fire,” and got engaged the following year while filming director Tim Burton’s hit “Edward Scissorhands.”

A smitten Depp had “Winona Forever” tattooed on his arm, but changed the tat to “Wino Forever” after their bitter 1993 split.

Winona faded into near obscu­rity after her highly publicized 2001 shoplifting bust. BUT in a comeback bid, she played Mr. Spock’s mother in “Star Trek” (2009) a ballerina in the 2010 drama “Black Swan,” and voiced a lead character in Tim Burton’s ani­mated 2012 film “Frankenweenie.” Her next project, “Homefront,” will be released in 2014.

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“In hindsight, Winona realizes she and Johnny were too young and immature to make their ro­mance work,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“But now that they’re both 20 years older and wiser, Winona believes there’s hope they can re­kindle their romance. She’s even dropped hints to their mutual friend, Tim Burton, about arrang­ing a date or even developing a film project for them.”

Another source added: “Both Winona and Amber are crazy about Johnny, and they both know that being by his side would help their careers.”