New Mom Hayden Panettiere In Treatment To Beat Baby Blues

Hayden panettiere daughter splash

Hayden Panettiere is being celebrated as a real-life hero for revealing that she checked into a treatment facility to fight a desperate battle with postpartum depression.

Now fans are cheering for the 26-year-old star of the hit TV series “Heroes” and “Nashville.”

“Women need to know they’re not alone, and postpartum depression does heal,” the blonde beauty said, adding that her struggle to regain an emotional balance has been ”really painful,” “really scary,” and requires “a lot of support.”

Hayden and her longtime fiancé — heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko — celebrated the birth of their daughter Kaya last December.

But the new mother’s joy was ruined by a a horrific struggle with the blues!

The actress has boldly announced that she’s entered a clinic to receive treatment for her emotional condition.

Postpartum depression can be sparked by lack of sleep, hormonal changes and stress after pregnancy.

Hayden’s treatment could include counseling, antidepressant medication, dietary changes and an exercise program.

As many as 15 percent of all new moms can suffer from the disorder and other mood-related problems, experts say.

Hayden, whose character on “Nashville” is also suffering from postpartum depression, is being hailed for opening up about her real-life struggle.

“In the past, women, particularly in Hollywood, could never admit to battling any kind of depression,” said an industry insider.

“But now stars like Hayden are opening up about postpartum depression, and helping other women feel less alone by talking about their own fight to get healthy again!”