ELISABETH HASSELBECK is steaming over the lackluster farewell she got on her last day on “The View” – especially after seeing the star-studded sendoff Joy Behar received just a few weeks later!

And the worst part for Elisa­beth? After her former boss Bar­bara Walters only gave her a scant few minutes to say her goodbyes on July 10, she didn’t even invite Elisabeth back for Joy’s hour-long goodbye bash on Aug. 9.

“Elisabeth is fuming over this latest snub from Barbara,” said a source. “It’s no secret that po­litically conservative Elisabeth wasn’t afraid to publicly stand up to Barbara’s liberal points of view.

“That’s grated on Barbara’s nerves and obviously reached a boiling point this past year.

“Now Elisabeth feels the very minor going-away tribute giv­en to her, versus the spectacle bestowed upon Barbara’s good friend Joy, was just another public dig to embarrass her.”

Up until Elisabeth, 36, announced her departure from the show after serving as co-host for 10 years, rumors were running wild that Barbara was going to give her the ax.

“Elisabeth is no dummy,” the source contin­ued. “She saw the writing on the wall and quickly got another job at FOX News before Barbara had the chance to fire her.”

According to the source, the 83-year-old news legend didn’t like Elisabeth beating her to the punch and  her to the punch and retaliated by black­listing her from any future appearances on the show.

“Elisabeth outsmarted Barbara, and Barbara couldn’t stand it,” added the source. “As far as Barbara is concerned, Elisabeth’s last day on the show was her last day ever.”