In new book Hart to Hart and Girl from UNCLE star STEFANIE POWERS describes her chilling battle with lung cancer and her sad memories of longtime Hollywood love WILLIAM HOLDEN.

Thankfully, Stefanie, 68, is now celebrating "all clear" from The Big C.

The longtime star who smoked for years discovered she had lung cancer in 2008.  She had a portion of the lung removed.

In her new book, One From The Hart, Stefanie writes about her courageous battle, a private audience with the Pope John Paul II (biggest fan EVER) ,her tragic love affair with Holden and Hart to Hart secrets about costar Robert Wagner.

"Ironically, when I was a kid I’d been in a dance class with Natalie Wood and Jill St John and all three of us went on to marry Robert Wagner; those two in real life and me on TV," Stefanie divulges in the book.

"We did 26 episodes a year of Hart to Hart for the next five years, working 14-hour days. RJ and I spent more time with each other than we did with our families. People always thought we were married to each other in real life."

Stefanie’s’ longtime love Hollywood acting legend William Holden was renowned for being a raging alcoholic.
"All that has ever been written about Bill was going to be the standard by which everybody judges him," Stefanie said.
"But I was able to see another side of him so I thought I should write down the truth about the man he was, not to show him as a knight in shining armor but still in a better light.
"He was a person of great fun, depth and adventure."

Holden died after a booze binge in 1981.  He had bled out to death after passing out from a wild self-destructive bender.

Since his death, Stefanie has devoted herself to running The William Holden Wildlife Foundation in Kenya which promotes conservation and the humane treatment of animals.