Harry & Meghan Worming way Into Big Apple!

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit One World Observatory, One World Trade Center, New York, USA - 23 Sep 2021
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Diva Duchess Meghan and henpecked hubby Prince Harry are looking for bigger game by moving to New York after wearing out their welcome in Hollywood where they’re branded a joke, insiders claim!

The royal rebels — who continue to trigger outrage by dissing the British monarchy while shamefully milking their blueblood ties — say they’re house-hunting for a multimillion-dollar pad in the Big Apple.

“They’ve got huge plans to be king and queen of the city and succeed where they’ve failed miserably in Hollywood,” dishes an insider.

As the National ENQUIRER previously revealed, Harry, 37, and the 40-year-old former B-list TV actress, who celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary May 19, have been snubbed far and wide by Tinseltown’s elite.

“The elephant in the room here is that they’ve become very unpopular and isolated in Santa Barbara — and, however much they deny it, that definitely stings,” notes the insider.

“There’s no better place on the planet to bounce back than in Manhattan. Meghan’s very excited while making a ton of ambitious plans both professionally and socially.”

Incredibly, Harry and Meghan plunked down $14.5 million on a lavish pad in Montecito, Calif., less than two years ago following their shocking decision to resign from the monarchy and move to the States.

Since then, they’ve given a series of scathing interviews about their time in England, sparking high-profile feuds with Harry’s father, Prince Charles, his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate, among others.

Following a brief ceasefire and supposed truce, Harry brought tensions to a fever pitch by snubbing his grandfather Prince ­Philip’s recent memorial and putting the finishing touches to a bombshell memoir that’s set to rip into his family once again.

Despite claiming to be happy in 
La La Land and scoring ­eye-popping deals — including a staggering $100 million contract with Netflix 
— they’ve been getting cold-shouldered and have turned into virtual hermits.

“For all their bluster and bravado about loving life on the West Coast, there’s a reason you’re not seeing them front and center at high society dinner parties and events — and the word is that this isn’t out of choice,” tattles the insider.

“They haven’t been invited to most of these events where the likes of Tom Hanks and his wife, the Spielbergs, the Obamas and other Hollywood elite schmooze — which they expected to be a big part of when they moved to America.”

At the same time, Meghan and Harry seem too proud “to beg for invites,” the source adds.

“But the bottom line is that moving to New York isn’t going to turn these two into Mr. and Mrs. Popular overnight.”

“They’ll need to start from scratch in many ways and show a lot more humility, since there’s no tolerance for divas and spoiled brats in most of the Manhattan circles. Still, it’s a fresh opportunity and they’re going into it with every confidence.”

The Sussexes are insisting they’re ready for the chances the move gives them and have big plans once they get to the Big Apple, spies say.

“They will keep a base in L.A. but New York is way more appealing at this point, since it raises their profile and there’s a chance to start afresh socially while spreading their wings into philanthropy and politics,” adds the snitch.

“They’re keen to get more involved with the United Nations, attend all the big conferences and do a ton of power schmoozing on the East Coast.”

“Plus Harry’s excited to be closer to Europe and hoping more of his old Brit pals can come and visit.”