Hard Times for Prince Harry!

Prince Harry And Meghan At The Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge During Invictus Games
Aaron Chown/PA Image/INSTARimages.com

Rogue royals Prince Harry and wife Meghan revealed too much to the cameras during a recent charity benefit where the duchess seemed to be copycatting her hubby’s beloved late mom, Princess Diana, charges a body language expert.

The couple’s every move and gesture at the Invictus Games was caught by Netflix cameras, which followed them for a program to be aired as part of the whopping $100 million pact the runaway royals signed with the streaming service.

Body language expert Judi James studied the pair as they greeted other attendees, took part in a driving challenge and even held hands at the benefit for injured and sickly military men and women in Holland.

She concludes former actress Meghan “ramped up the drama” for the camera crew while Harry seemed unable to hide an inner sadness in the days immediately after meeting his frail granny, Queen Elizabeth, 96, and a tense showdown with his dad, Prince Charles.

James especially notes how Meghan, who honed acting skills during her career that included TV’s legal drama Suits, was “clear” in the message she wanted to send without “overplay or overkill.”

“Meghan looks pitch-perfect for her body language messaging here showing congruent excitement, delight and enthusiasm as she responds to the sports she is watching,” says James.

The expert also notes how Meghan “holds Harry’s hand in a clasp then places her free hand onto his arm” sending a “message of affection and togetherness.”

Shockingly, James believes Meghan was mimicking the late Princess Diana. The expert says when greeting Romanian team members, Meghan used the “shake Diana used to do, with the shoulder of the hand doing the shaking hunched up to control the strap of her handbag.”

“Even Meghan’s head tilt was similar to the kind of slightly bashful, friendly sign Diana would add to her greeting.”

Meanwhile, Harry showed less control and his actions displayed sadness.

James says the prince had “a glum-looking facial expression” when he arrived and gave a “reluctant part-performed wave.”

“While Meghan is smiling and animated, he can be seen with his hands stuffed into his jeans pockets” and when she speaks to him, he doesn’t make eye contact. His emotional display showed him looking more distressed.”