A fired-up Halle Berry is making her hell-raising hubby pay for his cheating.

While the gorgeous Oscar-winning actress was raking in a fortune, her skirt-chasing hubby Eric Benet engaged in a shocking series of infidelities, as The ENQUIRER previously revealed.

The only way to save their marriage, an outraged Halle told Eric, was to undergo rehab for sex addiction and to abandon his lady-slaying ways.

Now that Eric has completed the program at The Meadows rehab center in Wickenburg, Ariz., Halle’s keeping him so busy working as their housekeeper, he hardly has time to cheat!

“Halle told Eric he could do the laundry and clean up after himself for a change since she’s the only one bringing in the money,” disclosed a family friend.

What’s more, Eric, 36, has to make certain Halle knows where he is at all times — and can reach him in an instant.

The 36-year-old “Monster’s Ball” star has forgiven Eric for his cheating — but she certainly has not forgotten.

“Halle was fed up with Eric so when he got out of the clinic, she put her foot down,” disclosed the family friend.

“While he was still in the clinic, Halle visited him and even took India, his 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

“It breaks Halle’s heart to have to lower the boom on Eric because she loves him so much. She enjoys being a housewife and mother — but she was tired of being stepped on.

“Halle loved cooking and cleaning for her new family and then going off to work but it was a one-way street.

“While she was being the good little wife, Eric was cheating. Halle felt Eric took her for granted and finally told him that since she was making the money, he had to take care of the house. That was the bottom line — and it was not open for discussion.

“Eric also had to let Halle know where he was at all times, and if she was not able to contact him, there would be hell to pay.

“As much as Eric hates the new arrangement, he loves Halle — and their lifestyle — so if that means he has to wash the clothes and scrub the floors to keep her happy, that’s exactly what he is going to do!”

Halle — who was married previously to baseball player David Justice — has sacrificed a lot and endured personal pain to save her nine-month-old marriage.

As an insider noted, “Eric humiliated her in public by having affairs during their marriage — but Halle swallowed her pride and took him back.”