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Gwen Stefani’s Ex Blocks Marriage To Blake!

Ex Gavin won’t accept annulment.

Blake Shelton Wearing a Suit WithGwen Stefani Wearing A Black Trent Coat Leving Church With Her Kids, Inset Headshot Gavin Rossdale
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Pigheaded rocker Gavin Rossdale’s battle with ex-wife Gwen Stefani has turned into a holy war!

As The National ENQUIRER exclusively reported, the former No Doubt songbird has formally petitioned the Vatican to have their 13-year marriage annulled, so she can marry Blake Shelton in the Catholic Church!

But her furious former hubby is challenging her action.

“Gwen’s biggest nightmare is coming true!” a source spilled. “Gavin is refusing to play ball!”

As ENQUIRER readers know, 49-year-old Gwen is devoutly religious and wants to have a Catholic wedding — but can’t do so unless she secures an annulment.

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“The church cannot condone a marriage after a divorce — unless the marriage isn’t recognized in the first place,” according to a snitch. “And Gavin refuses to say their marriage never existed.”

As a matter of course, the church reached out to Gavin, 53, after Gwen applied for the annulment, and sources said he went ballistic when they told him what it meant.

“Gavin isn’t going to pretend he wasn’t married just because it makes Gwen’s life easier,” the source spilled.

“He thinks it’s wrong and stupid. He isn’t going to let Gwen sweep their marriage under the rug.”

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An annulment wouldn’t mean their children — Kingston, 13, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 5 — would be deemed illegitimate, but Gavin still refuses to budge.

“This is turning into a disaster because the kids are caught in the middle of this ongoing war,” said the source.

Meanwhile, 43-year-old country crooner Blake — who isn’t Catholic — could not care less about getting married in the church. But he’s getting antsy because the squabble has thrown a wrench in their wedding plans!

The celebrities in this article did not respond to The ENQUIRER’s requests for comments.