“Grace” Under Fire


Grace Kelly’s kids don’t like the idea of Nicole Kidman playing their mom in the upcoming biopic “Grace of Monaco” and hate the flick so much they plan to boycott its world premiere, say sources.

Australian beauty Kidman, 46, stars as the legendary American actress- turned-princess at age 26, while British actor Tim Roth plays her late husband, Monaco’s Prince Rainier.

But the royal couple’s children – Prince Albert and his sisters, Princesses Caroline and Stephanie – would rather see an American actress in the role of Grace and loathe how their parents are portrayed, insiders say.

“Prince Albert, especially, despises this film,” a source told The ENQUIERE. “He thinks Nicole Kidman is too old and completely wrong for the part of his mother at that stage of her life.

“He also believes that the film disrespects Prince Rainier. He’s sworn it will never be shown in Monaco, and no member of his family will ever see it!”

The movie’s plot includes a political dispute between French President Charles de Gaulle and Prince Rainier over taxes in the early ’60s, and that has also infuriated the family.

“Prince Albert believes the movie vilifies his father, portraying him as a weak leader who controls his wife and won’t allow her to return to Hollywood as an actress,” explained the source.

The family is also said to be upset with the film’s producer, Pierreange le Pogam, because he ignored their requests for changes in the script and is refusing to let them see the film before its debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 14.

In an unusual move, they blasted the movie in a public statement, saying: “The royal family wishes to stress that this film in no way constitutes a biopic” and that it includes “major historical inaccuracies and a series of purely fictional scenes.”

Before she became a princess, Grace Kelly won an Oscar for the 1954 drama “The Country Girl,” and starred in director Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder,” “Rear Window” and “To Catch a Thief.”

The icy blonde beauty met Prince Rainier at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955 and married him in April 1956 after her wealthy Philadelphia family ponied up a whopping $2 million dowry.

But she died tragically at age 52, after suffering a stroke while driving and crashing her car after careening off a winding cliff-side road along the French Riviera on Sept. 13, 1982.

Meanwhile, the dustup over the controversial biopic is just the latest in a long line of family scandals.

Caroline, 57, stole her current husband, her third, from a close friend. Albert, 56, has fathered at least two children out of wedlock, and wild child Stephanie, 49, has had numerous affairs and married and divorced her bodyguard and a Portuguese acrobat.

“They may hate the movie,” noted the source. “But there’s no way that anything in it tops the hijinks they’ve gotten up to in real life!”