Hollywood icon Grace Kelly — who gave up film to be a princess — led a jinxed life!@

And now, some say, it’s cursed her daughter as well.

Grace’s daughter, Princess Caroline, 52, of Monaco appears heading to the divorce courts again – this time to lose Hubby # 3 Prince Ernst of Hanover, 55.

Caroline who’s already lost 2 husbands has moved out of the family château Fountainbleau, south of Paris, and gone back to the Mediterranean Principality of Monaco.

“It looks like the end,” said a well known Royals watcher.

The curse which stems back to the 13th century says no Grimaldi marriage would ever endure has claimed many victims including Princess Grace Kelly herself who died in a tragic car accident in 1982 near the very same location she drove recklessly in the film To Catch a Thief.

Daughter Stephanie, who survived the crash became a wild child and has had several husbands and also bore a child out of wedlock from her former bodyguard.

And Prince Albert at 51 still shows no sign of impending nups nor producing an heir to the Grimaldi throne other than two illegitimates.

Maybe the Grimaldis would’ve broken the curse if they never made Grace Kelly Her Serene Highness.