The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester was born while her mother was serving a federal prison sentence!

An ongoing exclusive ENQUIRER investigation discovered Leighton’s father, mother, aunt and grandfather all served federal prison sentences for dealing marijuana.

Leighton’s aunt, Judy Hass McNells,  who recruited her family into the drug running ops, was on the U.S. Marshal Service’s 15 Most Wanted when busted.

 When Leighton was born April 9, 1986, her mother, Constance Haas Meester, was serving time in a federal pen in Fort Worth, Texas, after being convicted in Georgia as part of her aunt’s drug ring that smuggled thousands of pounds of marijuana from Jamaica to the U.S.

Authorities said the operation netted $250 million a year.

Court records show the drug runners bought expensive planes, hired pilots, met with Jamaican drug lords and brought planeloads of marijuana into the U.S.  

The drugs were then resold to distributors in Michigan, Colorado and other states. At least one murder was attributed to the ring, that of a pilot who refused to return a plane because he was owed money.

Leighton’s mom was sentenced to 10 years in prison and began serving time on Aug. 8, 1985, while pregnant with the future TV star.

Constance Meester was ultimately taken from prison to give birth to Leighton at All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth.

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