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Glen Campbell Blamed His Bad Boy Past For Leading To Alzheimer’s

Country legend's career caught up in scandals!

Glen Campbell
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Glen Campbell blamed his hell-raising past for the Alzheimer’s disease that left him a shell of a man, unable to speak or recognize even loved ones!

“He always thought he’d pay a price for his hard living — and he did,” confided an insider to The National ENQUIRER. “Glen tried to conquer his cocaine and booze demons, but he never completely escaped them. He was convinced they were the real reason he was losing his mind.”

The beloved “Rhinestone Cowboy” announced he was diagnosed with brain-ravaging Alzheimer’s in 2011 and lost his battle with the disease on Aug. 8 at age 81. A close pal, rocker Alice Cooper, revealed Glen begged to die sooner!

“With this disease, you know the inevitable . . . there is no cure. It’s just living in misery for years — for Glen and the family,” Alice said. “If it was up to Glen, dying five years ago would have been fine with him.”

“He remembered little of the ’70s because he was boozing at breakneck speed,” spilled the insider. “But his downfall was getting hooked on cocaine in 1975. He almost died from an overdose in 1981.”

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The father of eight credited his fourth wife, Kim, for saving his life. But the supposedly sober singer was arrested for DUI and aggravated assault in 2003 in Phoenix. After Alice had canceled their golf game, Glen downed “about six glasses of wine,” and was busted!

“He got belligerent and took a swing at the cop!” recalled Alice. “The cop said, ‘I wasn’t going to book you, but you can’t go swinging at me.’”

Glen blamed his outburst on mixing booze with the powerful prescription anti-depressant Lexapro. The country legend barely survived years of cocaine and alcohol addiction.

“I fell off the wagon,” Glen confessed. “The drugs and booze are going to end up killing me.”