Gisele Worried about Tom Brady’s Return to NFL

Saints Buccaneers Football, Tampa, United States - 19 Dec 2021
Mark LoMoglio/AP/Shutterstock

Gridiron great Tom Brady’s fans are applauding his decision to cancel his retirement, but insiders say wife Gisele Bundchen fears the quarterback is risking his life by returning to the NFL — and medical professionals agree!

One longevity expert explains, “Repeated head trauma can result in loss of brain function and lead to CTE, which brings loss of memory, speech function and vision, as well as anti-social behavior and mood disorders.”
Tom’s former New England Patriots teammate Junior Seau suffered multiple concussions before being arrested for domestic battery and dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2012.

An autopsy revealed Junior, 43, had permanent brain damage called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) due to repeated head injuries. Now, experts worry the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star, who’ll be 45 when the season kicks off, may be a sitting duck for more agile 300-pound-plus defensive players!

“My hope is that the law of averages doesn’t get to him,” says retired NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham.
Physicians believe Cunningham’s fears are 
well-founded. “Most men are unrealistic when it comes to their physical abilities when confronted with the aging process,” says a top doc.

“There’s no way he should take on this unnecessary risk and the possibility of a cataclysmic injury!” The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Tom Brady.