Giada De Laurentiis Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Food Network star says man claims to be ‘the biological father of my child.’

Giada De Laurentiis Files Restraining Order

Stay back! Giada De Laurentiis wants her alleged stalker keep his distance, and she filed a temporary restraining order to make sure he does.

The Blast obtained court documents in which the Food Network star claims she received creepy messages from a man, who goes by “AA,” through her website last year, and had to hire private detectives to look into them.

According to the site, the messages to the famed chef started out pretty innocently, with the man saying he’s loved her since they met, and that he had never seen a more beautiful woman than De Laurentiis.

But when the messages started mentioning her preteen daughter, the TV personality got really worried. Things escalated when AA allegedly showed up at an event in May 2018. He “demanded” to speak to her, De Laurentiis claimed, according to The Blast, and the store’s security had to intervene.

Per the site, she claimed in her court filing that a week after that run-in with AA, he allegedly told her PI that “he was in love with me, that tI had pursued him in a relationship, and that he was the biological father of my child.” When threatened with taking the situation to law enforcement, AA allegedly didn’t care and said that “as a father, he had a right to see his child if he wanted.”

E! News, who also obtained the court documents, reported that De Laurentiis also argued in her restraining order that since AA was continuing to send her messages and confront her in public, “it became apparent that he was stalking me.” And as such, she was “in fear for myself and my family, and caused me to suffer substantial emotional distress.”

Though she filed the temporary restraining order last week, both E! and The Blast reported that it was dismissed because no one showed up for the hearing.