Ghislaine Maxwell Wants Epstein Cash to Pick up her Tab!

Sleazy, Never-before-seen Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell Giving Epstein Foot Rubs on Lolita Express and Sunbathing on Yachts Among Treasure Trove of new Evidence Shown in Sex Trafficking Trial
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Cash-strapped Ghislaine Maxwell is hitting on Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to cover her legal bills, housing and bodyguards!

Epstein’s infamous madam claims the deceased dirtball promised to provide for her before his mysterious death in a Manhattan prison cell.

In legal papers filed with the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, the imprisoned 60-year-old socialite explains she’s entitled to the bounty as spelled out in a typewritten letter from Epstein dating to around 2004.

She also claims she regularly receives death threats that require her to have personal security and special housing.

But lawyers for Epstein’s estate are fighting her motion, saying paying Maxwell for “intentional wrongdoing, including criminal conduct” is illegal.

In December, the horrific British heiress was convicted in a New York federal court of trafficking underage girls as young as 14 to satisfy Epstein’s deranged sexual appetites.

Although she’s facing up to 65 years in the slammer, Ghislaine is currently seeking a retrial on the grounds that one juror lied about being sexually abused as a child.

Meanwhile, sources reveal Epstein’s “Orgy Island” compound in the Caribbean, formally known as Little St. James and Big St. James, 
will hit the market for $121 million!