The NY State Attorney General is investigating a charity run by actress Ann Hathaway’s boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, that funds vaccines for Third World children.

The attorney general’s office confirmed it has issued subpoenas for the charitable org’s financial records.

Get Smart star Hathaway had done outreach work for Follieri and sat on the board of directors until last year.

Follieri, who’s been dating Hathaway since 2005 was cooperating with the probe. 

In the past, he bounced a $215,000 check to an associate and turned himself into NY police and made arrangements to settle the debt. 

In an unrelated case he was ordered to pay $240,000 to a PR firm that repped him while fighting a lawsuit brought by real estate mogul Ron Burkle who accused Follieri of misusing $1.3 million of $55 million for a joint property venture.

Both sides settled early 2008.