Mike Walker

Gerard Butler Freaked Out By Bizarre Home Invasion

Femme fan encounter of the weird kind!

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Mike Walker Reports… STUPID FAN TRICKS DEPT.: Gerard Butler, returning to his Malibu bachelor pad after a solo night, recoiled in shock as he stepped inside — and was instantly face-to-face with two total strangers, who kept squealing stuff like, “I LOVE YOU!”

Literally shaken, the star-throb — realizing it was just two nutzoid girly-fans — barked that he was calling cops!

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But before he could hit 911, the gals started crying, pleading and begging for mercy!

Said My Butler Spy: “The gals explained they were just overly zealous fans and swore they’d never, ever do anything wacky like that again.

“So softy Gerard gave the gals a huge break — and a super-stern lecture about privacy, boundaries … and ending up behind bars!” (Oh, and NO autograph!)