Frail George Bush Under Attack With Just Months To Live

Former President George H.W. Bush could be dead by the end of the year — and he’s left weaker while being attacked by old political pals!

That’s what Bush family insiders have said, claiming the political clan’s 91-year-old patriarch is quickly failing since a shocking collapse last summer.

The 41st President of the United States — father of both ex-President George W. Bush and current GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush — has required a neck brace and wheelchair since shattering a vertebrae during a July 15 fall in his Maine home.

That was in the aftermath of The ENQUIRER covering Bush’s earlier confinement to a wheelchair in 2012.

Bush looked disturbingly frail while throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game between the Houston Astros and the Kansas City Royals on Oct. 11.

“You can hardly recognize him,” says one source.

“He doesn’t look like the same man who sat in the Oval Office. It’s heartbreaking!

“You get the feeling that his appearance at the baseball game will be the last time we see him in public. It’s as if he stepped out to say goodbye!”

It’s a rough goodbye, too, with the publication of the new “Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush” causing chaos in Washington.

“I think he served the president badly,” said Bush to interviewer John Meacham — who wrote the biography — about Donald Rumsfeld’s work for his son George W. Bush as the Secretary of Defense.

“I don’t like what he did, and I think it hurt the president having his iron-ass view of everything.”

To which Rumsfeld has come out swinging, and callously declared: “Bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges Bush 43, who I found made his own decisions.”

The sad and sickly former Commander-in-Chief’s fight for life has also been made more difficult by his Parkinson’s disease, along with serious breathing problems, insiders say.

And the backlash from “Destiny and Power” isn’t the former President’s only problem on the media front.

Veteran author and Washington insider Roger Stone is about to release “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family” — a blockbuster tell-all book that’s only worsening the former CIA Director’s health.

“This book is going to shock a lot of people,” says another insider.

“Stone doesn’t pull any punches. It’s due to be released in January, and could totally destroy what remains of the Bush political legacy. I’m sure the old man knows it, too. That has to be an awful strain on him!”

And author Stone gladly agrees, and told The ENQUIRER: “The Bush family is evil incarnate!”

“This book is filled with Bush family outrages, and it just has to be killing the old man,” said the insider.

“His health is all but destroyed. His political world is crumbling around him, and his son Jeb is getting his ass kicked by Donald Trump.

“At this point, the only thing you can do is pray for him!”