Mike Walker

George Clooney’s Tux Disaster Over Dad Duty

Giggling tykes dash dapper dad's new duds!

george clooney twins milk accident
Getty Images

Mike Walker reports…. Jovial George Clooney loves getting at-home loony while baby twins Ella and Alex giggle with Daddy-Oh.

But the actor was in a slightly serious mood — trying on various designer duds to drape his studly bod for a special Hollywood awards show — so the kiddies got the last laugh!

Snitched a Star Spy: “Whirling around to make the tots chuckle, George handed them brand-new sippy-cup/bottle hybrids — but forgot to tighten the tops!

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“So the kids scored the winning guffaws, because while George had them in stitches as he goofed around the kitchen, his tykes — almost in unison — started swirling their sippies around and ended up drenching daddy’s spanking-new $5,000 tux in spattered milk!

“Totally locked into their madcap mood, the twinsies triggered more giggles than daddy had ever done!”