Mike Walker

George Clooney Gets Smashed Over Twins

Trip to the liquor store gets awfully expensive!

george clooney amal twins birth
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Mike Walker Reports… Thrilled dad-to-be George Clooney was primed to pop the cork on a mega-expensive bottle of fave French wine for his buddies, as he got ready to celebrate the bombshell announcement that beloved bride Amal is popping twins!

So he popped into an L.A. store specializing in fine wines and paid mega-thousand$$$ for a va-va-voom vintage he’d reserved, dashed to his waiting car — then dragged his dejected butt back inside mere moments later!

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Said My Deli Disher: “The clerks were shocked when they saw George holding up his wine bag, now totally soaked, dripping — and containing nothing but broken glass!

“Sighing that he’d been in such a hurry he’d accidentally dropped the bottle on the pavement outside, the dejected star joked to the vino dudes: ‘Is this good luck … or bad?’

“Choosing a ‘bargain’ thousand-i$h bottle, George exited for an encore — this time walking very carefully!”