Gene Wilder At Death’s Door!

Gene Wilder’s sickly look has friends worried he’ll soon be joining his beloved wife Gilda Radner in heaven!

The National ENQUIRER caught the 82-year-old “Young Frankenstein” star on a rare public outing Sept. 13, being steadied by his fourth wife, Karen Boyer, at the U.S. Open in New York.

An eyewitness told The ENQUIRER: “Gene looks like he’s at death’s door! It’s terribly sad. He’s scarily thin and could barely walk had not he been helped by his wife, Karen, and an attendant.”

The ENQUIRER traveled to his hometown in Stamford, Conn., and learned there are rumors that the beloved funnyman may secretly be battling a recurrence of cancer.

Only a decade after ovarian cancer claimed Gilda’s life in 1989, Gene was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Gene underwent chemotherapy and, in 2002, doctors confirmed he was in remission.

But a neighbor told The ENQUIRER: “There’s fear around here that the cancer has returned and he could be gone in as little as six months’ time. Everyone’s praying that’s not the case, but he looks awful, like he’s dying.”

And The ENQUIRER learned from Stamford authorities that medics responded recently to an EMS call at his home.

But in an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Karen reassured his fans: “(He’s) just fine. The cancer hasn’t returned.”

A friend, however, said: “They’re putting on a brave front. And while Karen brought him tremendous happiness after Gilda’s passing, there’s no question Gilda was the love of his life, and when he joins her in heaven the jokes will flow.”