CHEER UP, Paris Hilton, a former “Baywatch” lifeguard is coming to your rescue with a sex tape that will knock yours off the front pages. Former Playboy playmate Gena Lee Nolin‘s video — every bit as scandalous as Hilton’s — is heading to a Web site near you.

The tape begins with Gena’s former husband, Greg Fahlman, directing her to smile for the camera and telling his wife she looks beautiful. The tape is shot in either an apartment or hotel room in the late ’90s, with Gena posing on the tan shag carpet, at times on her hands and knees.

Fahlman, a video producer, tells Gena to remove her bra, but Gena, who has had recent breast implant surgery, complains that her breasts hurt. But she complies after he tells her she looks great. When Greg asks her to remove her panties, she hesitates because she doesn’t want to show an appendix scar, which she eventually had removed in 2002.

But he says: “Smile for Daddy” and she removes the panties. Nolin then performs several sex acts with her husband. Fahlman, shocked to be informed about the film by The ENQUIRER, said, “I had absolutely nothing to do with this. I know nothing about a tape, and if I ever did a tape, I certainly would not be involved in marketing it!” And for those who want to see Gena’s journey from “Baywatch” to Pay Watch, her video is expected to soon be available for viewing on the Internet.