‘Gay Icon’ Barbra Streisand Still Has Hots For John Travolta!


Barbra Streisand was acting like a Woman in Love, flirting with John Travolta right in front of her husband, James Brolin, and John’s wife, Kelly Preston!

“Barbra’s always had a thing for John,” a source told The National ENQUIRER. “She remembers how young and good-looking the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ star was.”

The flirting came at a star-studded get-together Barbra titled “a wonderful evening at home” when she posted a photo of it with her showbiz pals – including Ryan Murphy and Lady Gaga – on her Facebook page Aug. 23.

“Barbra knows all about John’s secret gay life and doesn’t give a hoot – she’s a gay icon!” the source explained.

“She still finds him handsome, and spent the night giggling and making googly eyes at him.

“And while Kelly seemed to enjoy her antics – she knows Barbra is one of John’s idols – Barbra’s husband was not amused,” the source added.

Barbra, 73, and her 75-year-old “Marcus Welby, M.D.” hubby haven’t seen eye to eye in years, and pals fear a $500 million divorce is in the wind.

“If John wasn’t married,” added the source, “Babs would certainly make Travolta a nice notch on her bedpost.”