Lisa Rinna was so disturbed by Heidi Montag‘s plastic surgery makeover she tore the cover off a fan glam mag the plastic surgery addict was on.

"I will tell you I had to take that cover off the magazine before it came in the house," Rinna told Fancast.

"We have two girls. I don’t think it is something you want to bring in the house and say, ‘Oh, look.’"

Lisa’s no stranger to cosmetic enhancements — she’s talked openly about using Juvederm and Botox, and having breast implants — but she says she’s trying to protect her daughters.

"I take a lot of the covers off of magazines if they are not appropriate,” Rinna said.

“Obviously, we are raising two young girls. Anything that has to do with weight issues, I think you just have to be really careful.

  “I mean, you know – to each his own, is all I will say,” the brunette beauty added.