Breaking Point!

FOX Fears Fallout From Shep Smith Exit!

Network worried long time anchor knows its secrets

Insets, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson; Shepard Smith
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FOX News has plunged into chaos now that poster-boy anchor Shepard Smith abruptly quit after 23 years despite honchos begging him to stay — and sources said the fallout may be catastrophic!

The National ENQUIRER has learned bosses are frantic over Shep’s confidentiality agreement and whether he will toe the line of loyalty when faced with questions about his former employer.

“Shep has seen it all and knows all the secrets, and he has been nothing but loyal to FOX — up to this point,” a tattletale dished. “He had two years remaining on his contract so something pretty grisly must have happened for him to leave so suddenly.

“There isn’t a big-money offer on the table or secret projects either. Shep literally got to his breaking point and walked.”

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Insiders feared the 55-year-old, who did not respond to our request for comment, was frustrated that his matter-of-fact blabbering couldn’t compete with the ratings and success of colleagues Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

“Shep doesn’t intend to create a firestorm now that he’s gone. But he can’t unsee or unhear the things that went on over the past two decades,” the source said. “And if he’s struggling to get noticed, there might be no stopping him from bringing down the house!”