Former Dancer Wants To Prove The King Was Murdered!

She’s working on a documentary about The King's final days.

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The woman who gave birth to Elvis Presley’s illegitimate child resides in her own “Heartbreak Hotel,” claiming the legendary singer was killed!

Lucy de Barbin, who claims to have been Elvis’ first and only true love, is now a belligerent, elderly woman who must get police officers to break up her numerous domestic squabbles with her daughter Desiree — who was fathered by Elvis.

In the blockbuster 1987 book, “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Lucy revealed that just days before his sudden death, she claimed he told her, “I want you to be my wife. Will you do that?”

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Lucy, 79, who’s now living as a recluse in her suburban Dallas home, has informed The National ENQUIRER that she plans to write another book and is working on a documentary about Elvis’ final days.

In her first book, she recounted that mere days ahead of the megastar’s death on Aug. 16, 1977 at the age of 42, she was planning to leave her husband so she could finally be with Elvis and introduce him to then-18-year-old Desiree.

“I’ve planned on leaving him (my husband) for a long time — I do want to be with you,” she told Elvis, according to the book, which was serialized in The ENQUIRER.

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“I knew I could finally tell him about our daughter, Desiree. I’d bring Desiree to Graceland with me.”

But that dream meeting would never occur, and Lucy now believes Elvis’ death, which was exacerbated by drug misuse, was, in reality, murder! She maintains the cause was to block Desiree from gaining access to the icon’s expansive estate.

“We’re making a (documentary) about his murder,” she revealed to The ENQUIRER, pressing her index finger against her lips, indicating she didn’t want to discuss the matter anymore.

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Lucy was a beautiful, 17-year-old French dancer when she first met the Mississippi boy, then only 18 years old in 1953. For the next 24 years, they enjoyed a secret, sporadic affair that produced Desiree, whom she never revealed was his child, she wrote.

While Lucy has downplayed the domestic dispute allegations with Desiree, she’s more intent on slamming Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley for refusing to acknowledge Desiree, now 57, as Elvis’ offspring.

“They have never tried to contact her!” an angry Lucy wailed. “The estate has not helped Desiree at all. But that’s okay; she has a life. She is married to a wonderful man and has a big family.”

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