Flea-o Leo DiCaprio

Leonardo dicaprio getty

Heartthrob LEONARDO DICAPRIO made a girl’s skin crawl when she spotted a flea nesting in his big bushy beard!

Now Leo, 40, is being teased relentlessly by his guy pals – including Kevin Connolly and Tobey Maguire.

“Leo’s being a good sport about it, but it’s starting to, er, bug him now,” a friend told All The Buzz. “Everyone’s begging him to have the beard professionally washed every day – and a few of us have picked him up some flea powder!”

In Leo’s defense, he had to grow his beard to play a frontiersman in the upcoming “The Revenant.”

“But Leo’s also known to go days without a shower,” added the pal, “so he’s just going to have to put up with it.”