Hawaiian Eye for the Ladies Jon Gosselin has a secret new girlfriend, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The octo-dad is trying to keep his new lady friend out of the public eye in the wake of his nasty divorce from Kate and messy girlfriend problems, but The ENQUIRER has obtained an exclusive photo of him with 25-year-old new love Morgan.

"Jon met Morgan over Thanksgiving while snowboarding in Utah, and they’ve been inseparable," revealed an insider.

"They talk on the phone and text throughout the day, and Morgan flew to New York right after Christmas to be with him. Jon is so into Morgan that he is thinking about moving to Utah to be closer to her."

Jon is trying to take it slow with Morgan because the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is still at loggerheads with ex-flame Hailey Glassman.

"Jon adores Morgan and is trying his best to keep her out of the spotlight while he tries to figure out his life," said the insider.

"He flew her to New York right after Christmas to stay with him at his apartment, but after finding it had been ransacked, he immediately drove to Pennsylvania with Morgan, and they crashed at a hotel in Reading.

"Later, they went back to New York so Jon could figure out the apartment situation. Morgan helped keep him calm, and he was extremely thankful to have her there."

Morgan, an attractive brunette, is a ray of sunshine in 32-year-old Jon’s otherwise messed up life, say his friends.

"Jon is going through a really rough time," said the insider. "He and Morgan are becoming very close, but he’s being really cautious because of everything he’s been through."